Geta is a small municipality (~500 inhab) in the very North of the autonomous Åland Islandssituated in the Baltic Sea between the Swedish capital Stockholm and the Finnish city Åbo/Turku.

To Åland there are ferries and flights. From the capital Mariehamn there are approximately 35 kilometers to Geta. Typical for Geta is the small scale society, the beautiful and dramatic landscape and the friendly atmosphere.  

Geta offers great wildlife experiences; archipelago, lakes, deep forests, open landscapes, high mountains with caves and big rocks. There are also museums, a church from the 1460's and traditional public celebration of local feasts.

In Geta there are services available like (public) school, library, post office, elderly and child care and (private) shop, gas station, bank office, restaurants, cafés, hotel (4 star), holiday villages, handicrafts and much more.

The Geta municipality and the entire Åland Islands are unilingual Swedish, though belonging to Finland, but most people also know English and services are often available in other languages as well.

Geta kommun, Getavägen 2115, AX-22340 Geta, Finland

Tel +3581849300 - www.geta.ax - e-mail


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